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Monday, August 9, 2010

Riley Cote: Top 5 NHL Career Moments

Well, today Riley Cote announced his retirement and is now gonna take on an assistant coaching job with the AHL Phantoms, so we here at DGS have decided to look at the Top 5 career moments of Riley Cote. It's a short career, but we can come up with 10 memorable Cote moments, right?

5: Cote's first fight, March 30, 2007 at NJ Devils

4. The two for one special: starring Asham, Rupp and Leblond

3. Cote vs Rechlicz in a marathon bout

2. Cote vs Roy round 2 from March 6, 2008

But what made this moment classic:

and before the number 1 Riley Cote moment, we look at some honorable mentions...

Cote vs McGrattan

Cote vs Fritz

And now, the #1 Riley Cote moment....

1. Riley Cote vs Carey Price!

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