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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Sunday Brunch: A Discussion of Hilariously Hypothetical Things Related to the NHL, part 5

Well what do you know. It's Sunday again. What does that mean? *silence* It means it's Sunday Brunch time. So here we go.

A huge glove bump to DGS Supporter Don't Trade Vinny for helping me with today's discussion. (By the way, if you're not reading his blog, well you're probably illiterate because the guy is a comedic genius)

So it seems that Kovy gate is going nowhere, or is it? Today Ilya Kovalchuk announced that he is "taking his talent to south Beach to play for the Miami Heat" You know what that means. Tell me how it goes down with Kovy joining Bosh, Wade and James in Miami.

There's the scenario, now go forth and give me LULZ!


  1. Well, first off Ilya is gonna be pissed because Lebron, Bosh, and Wade already have their big contracts, so Kovy is stuck with like $500K a season. On the bright side he's gonna have a ton of NBA championships to display on his trophy shelf along with "1st overall draft pick," "2nd place for the Calder trophy," "Most well known rejected NHL contract," and most importantly "1 NHL playoff win." Man, I can just picture how excited he's going to be. Plus, just imagine how Kobe is going to feel when he gets his jersey pulled over his head and punched repeatedly during the finals. He'll never see it coming from the tiny Kovalchuk. Don't believe me? (Neither did Mike Comrie).

  2. Ilya Kovalchuk on a basketball floor. He doesn't exactly fit in with the NBA's target demographic

  3. What, no quips about how DTV is our minor league blogger?

  4. Comedy+Good looks+intelligence+mentally stable? What's the catch?

    Olen onnellinen

  5. From what I hear about Kovy going to Miami is that the Heat will have Vesa Toskala as their starting point guard as David Stern has decided to follow Bettman manning up against crazy contracts and New World Orders. If Toskala doesn't start every game, the Heat will have to forfeit every game because of "Crap Circumvention". Even if Toskala has a legitimate Injury he has to play. Even then, If Toskala was injured, it wouldn't affect his play anyways.

  6. First off, Holy Cow!! Nice orange background!!! Couldn't you warn me first? A late night, a couple Canadian beers then POW!!! Orange in my face. (Now I know how Spezza felt). Nice tie in, eh. As far as Kovy, WHO CARES!! He's just another second rate, disposable, second place Russian. Ovechkin Jr. if you will. Talented? Yes. Over Paid? Yes. Worth The Grief? No. Whew! I think I need another beer.