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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Sunday Brunch: A Discussion of Hilariously Hypothetical Things Related to the NHL, part 3

Good morning DGS-ers!

I hope this Sunday is treating you well, I'm honestly probably still in bed, and due to the great Auto-post feature, don't actually have to get up to post this. But that is neither here nor there. Today, we have yet another DGS-discussion and we hope that you the fans can get behind.

Today, we're taking a look into a possible future, one where the NHL is actually run by competent people, and the idiots have been fired.

Anyway, we're sitting somewhere, probably New Orleans, and Gary Bettman, Glen Sather, Paul Holmgren, John Ferguson Jr, Brian Lawton and Darryl Sutter have just decided to start a business together.

We here at DGS want to know, what do you think happens!

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