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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Hockey versus Nerd Memes

So the other day I nearly got myself sued by Down Goes Brown wrote a post on Hockey Versus Baseball and it was actually quiet popular. That got me thinking, what else do I like, and the answer is video games and nerdyness. So I decided to compare my love of video games, to the greatest game ever made, hockey. My results were interesting.

The Meme: You Just Lost The Game

Patrik Stefan would hold this sign when shooting at
empty nets against the Edmonton Oilers

Nerd's Definition

  1. Everyone in the world is playing The Game. (Sometimes narrowed to: "Everybody in the world who knows about The Game is playing The Game",  or alternatively, "You are always playing The Game.") You cannot not play The Game; it does not require consent to play and you can never stop playing.
  2. Whenever one thinks about The Game, one loses.
  3. Losses must be announced to at least one person (either by using a statement such as "I Lost The Game" or by alternative means). 
(Source: Wikipedia)

Hockey Definition: "You just lost the game" was the phrase most heard by Marty Turco during the 2009-10 season when opponents would see what kind of defense was in front of him. (YES I AM LAYING OFF TOSKALA AND THE MAPLE LEAFS FOR A CHANGE!)


Nerd's Definition: Example of World of Warcraft strategy gone horribly wrong.

Hockey Definition: What Matt Carkner yells before running up to fight Colton Orr.

The Meme: All Your Base Are Belong To Us

Nerd's Definition: A horribly translated version of Zero Wing.

Hockey Definition: Translating the broken English to normal English is how Eric Lindros's nurses are taught to understand what Eric wants since his brains are more scrambled than the eggs I had for breakfast this morning. 

The Meme: The Russian Reversal

Nerd's Definition: The evil strategy the bloody Commies use to win every single argument.

Hockey Definition: The phenomena by which Alex Semin and Ilya Kovalchuk go from being a 90+pt players during the regular season to Thornton level in the postseason.

In Soviet Russia, post-season play YOU!!!!

The Meme: The Cake is a Lie

Nerd's Definition: A reference to the game of Portal, this refers to the fact that you are promised delicious cake for beating the game, only to find out the promiser of cake is a homicidal robot that is out to kill you. Then this song plays.

Hockey Definition: Kyle Wellwood's worst nightmare.

Oh damn, didn't Bloge Salming already do this...sort of...kinda

He did:


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