Fan vs Fan

Thursday, September 23, 2010

It's on PKLC vs DGS!

Last night Twitter went ablaze when PKLC and DGS got into it. Over what you may ask, competitive fantasy hockey!

Long story short, during a late night on Twitter, challenges were issued, gloves were dropped, cyber fists were thrown, and no one came out ahead. In order to prove that DGS is superior, at least as a Fantasy Hockey League owner, DGS and PKLC have a bet going on. When PKLC loses, our friends from PKLC will write about how awesome DGS is at life, blogging, humor and being awesome. We know it's coming, PKLC is going down. (For the PKLC delusion that DGS is going down, click here)

After laughing at their attempted superiority I have now devised my evil plan to defeat the PKLC, in April, the superior DGS will laugh as PKLC punches our lights out faster than Patrick Kane on a cab driver tells the truth about DGS.

[Note from Amy: I did NOT consent to this. This 'who has a bigger c**k contest' is between Matt and PKLC. La bonne chance, les messieurs.]


  1. The note from Amy is my favorite part :o)

  2. In regards to the who's is Amy, we'd win..every time.

    - Jaye from PKLC

  3. @Jaye

    If Matt's ex girlfriends are telling the truth, you have no chance in that contest with him at all.

    Sorry mon ami, I have to help you win somehow.

  4. @ Amy

    I don't really know what to say to this.

    Saying 'Bring It' just sounds wrong

  5. At what point does Matt decide to kill us, that is the question?

  6. Thanks guys...really...Amy..I am going to retaliate...I will win, I always do

  7. @ Amy

    If he kills us he has no blog writer, or blog rival.

  8. I shouldn't be so mean to him. Matt's a great guy who will make some woman really happy one day. As long as he remembers to use the brain he has.

  9. I'm a blog rival. Kill away. Less competition out there.

  10. You guys are just lucky I'm not involved in this.