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Sunday, September 12, 2010

I'm Not Melting Down On Twitter, I'm Writing An Angry Letter on the Blog Instead

Dear Florida,

I hate you. I really f-----g hate you. Here's why.

DGS is down in Florida visiting some family. He's having a nice vacation and enjoying some sun and eating great food and such.

Anyway, there was ONLY one thing that I wanted. A blue Tampa Bay Lightning #12 Simon Gagne t-shirt.

Guess what, they don't fucking have them. You'd think that on the weekend training camps open, it would be possible to get some Bolts stuff.

I stopped at 12 sports stores. All had Rays, Bucs, and Magic stuff. NONE had ANY Bolts stuff. It was depressing. Damn depressing.

Rant over


  1. welcome to hockey in the sunbelt

  2. WTF!!! There's a hockey team in Florida?!?!?!

  3. HeeHee...... Found this one online. Something doesn't seem quite right.

  4. 12 sport stores didn't have his jersey, he wears the number 12. Irony or spooky coincidence?

    Also, we need more #DownGoesSpezzaProblems

  5. For the record, the people are really nice...

    @DamnitJason: Irony

    @Mike in Edmonton: hmm don't trust that site now

    @Jaye: Funny because Peter from Hoosier Hockey talked about Sunbelt hockey and showed the positive side of it