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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

NHL 2010-2011 Season Preview: General NHL Stuff

Hey everyone. Just so you know starting tomorrow (September 2) and going every other day through September 12, I will be posting the Official DGS 2010-2011 Season Previews, we will be doing one division a day. At the end of this all, I'll post a recap that has links to all 6 posts and lists all 30 teams on one page (That will go up September 13).

In order to whet your appetite for the upcoming posts of awesomeness, I have a list of generalized NHL predictions here for you to see.

  • Kerry Fraser may be retired, but the NHL has hired a new referee who is legally blind in order to prove that the disabled can have successful careers.
  • Gary Bettman is still stupid. (I call this, "playing it safe")
  • Stephane Auger will screw with all of us by calling a game perfectly down the middle.
  • Kyle Wellwood will eat his way onto a team.
  • Antti Niemi will remain unemployed until he gives up his contract demand of "not having another NHL caliber goaltender on the roster" is met.
  • Rick DiPietro will end up on LTIR. (Playing it safe again am I)
  • Pierre McGuire will move to Massachusetts and marry his 'Monster' Zdeno Chara
  • Once Edmonton has its first cold snap in December, Taylor Hall will demand a trade out of Edmonton
  • Joe Thornton will lead the Sharks with clutch play during the regular season and post-season before finally giving out during the Finals and saying "What, you think I changed at all"
  • The Phoenix Coyotes will find their way back to Winnipeg


  1. The Auger joke was hilarious