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Saturday, October 16, 2010

The Last 4 Unbeaten Teams and Their Dirty Little Secrets

So we have 4 unbeaten teams in the NHL, all of them are rather surprising, and this got me thinking, why is that these teams have stayed unbeaten for so long. Needless to say, I sent the DGS-SuperSpies to find out, and what they learned was rather enlightening.

  • Team: -Dallas Stars-
    Reasons for Winning: Players no longer feel any pressure to perform because Mike Modano is no longer around to tell the stars stories of picking up a giant trophy in June after winning a 16 team tournament. Because of this lack of pressure, the Stars have concentrated on having fun on the ice and have accidentally won a few games.
    Reasons to Lose: Because Andrew Raycroft will be forced to play a game at some point this season.
  • Team: -Nashville Predators-
    Reasons for Winning: Opposing forwards tend to be scared of the giant goaltenders in net for the Predators. On the other end of the ice, no one tries to block shots off the stick of Shea Weber out of fear that they will become the next Sami Salo.
    Reasons to Lose:
    They are the Nashville Predators.
  • Team: -Toronto Maple Leafs-
    Reasons for Winning: Because the Leafs no longer employ Vesa Toskala. Also, the Leafs finally caught onto the idea that maybe pissing off Brian Burke is a bad idea.
    Reasons to Lose:
    If Colton Orr can lose a fight, then the Leafs can lose a game.
  • Team: -Tampa Bay Lightning-
    Reasons for Winning: Employ a team of winners known as the 2008 Philadelphia Flyers.
    Reasons to Lose:
    In a second lapse of judgement, Steve Yzerman will trade Dan Ellis's problems to the Montreal Canadiens for Carey Price's cigarettes. This will cause Ellis to take up smoking before games leading to him to run out of money as well as talent. (PS: Dan Ellis's Problems will cause Habs fans to riot.)

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