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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The Secret Transcript: Rick Rypien Vs NHL Fan

Last night, Rick Rypien attacked a fan during a 6-2 loss by Rypien's Canucks to the Minnesota Wild. Yes, the Wild scored 6 goals against Luongo. That was news to me too. Ok, so here we go.

Rick Rypien, you got the Sean Avery treatment, and what you did was improper and inexcusable.

I think that's enough of a joke it itself.

What I learned from all this:

  1. Damian Cox is an idiot. Seriously, there is NOTHING redeeming about him.
  2. The Canucks are just as bad, the Stars suspended Avery on their own before the NHL got involved, Gillis should have done the same thing.
  3. Rypien needs anger management. 

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