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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Some Slightly Serious Predictions Regarding the NHL 2010-2011 season

Wow, another post with no comedy in it. Sometimes things happen, like total excitement regarding the new season. Now, I already picked the winners of the major NHL awards in a guest post on PKLC

With that, I'm gonna pick some important Flyers stats for the upcoming year:

Leading Scorers:

Jeff Carter: 47G 30A
Mike Richards: 32G 45A
Chris Pronger: 8G 43A

James van Riemsdyk:

improves on last year: 21G 24A

Nikolai Nikolay Zherdev: 27G 21A

Hartnell-Briere-Leino line

Hartnell: 32G 23A
Briere: 33G 44A
Leino: 15G 34A

I did the defensemen in this classic DGS post

So yeah:

Now for the NHL picks

Atlantic Division:

Devils (3)
Flyers (4)
Penguins (5)

Northeast Division:

Bruins (2)
Sabres (6)
Maple Leafs (8)

Southeast Division:

Capitals (1)
Lightning (7)

Central Division:

Blackhawks (3)
Blues (8)
Red Wings
Blue Jackets

Northwest Division:

Canucks (1) (President's Trophy)
Avalanche (4)
Wild (7)

Pacific Division:

Sharks (2)
Kings (5)
Coyotes (6)

West Playoffs

Canucks def Blues 4-2
Wild def Sharks 4-3
Blackhawks def Coyotes 4-2
Avalanche def Kings 4-3

Canucks def Wild 4-2
Avalanche def Blackhawks 4-3

Avalanche def Canucks 4-1

Campbell Bowl Winner: Colorado Avalanche

East Playoffs:

Maple Leafs def. Capitals 4-3
Lightning def. Bruins 4-3
Devils def. Sabres 4-3
Flyers def. Penguins 4-3

Maples Leafs def. Devils 4-3
Flyers def. Lightning 4-0

Flyers def. Leafs 4-0

Prince of Wales Winner: Philadelphia Flyers

:Stanley Cup Finals:

Game 1: Flyers 4 Avalanche 3
Game 2: Flyers 2 Avalanche 3 (OT)
Game 3: Avalanche 0 Flyers 1
Game 4: Avalanche 4 Flyers 1
Game 5: Flyers 7 Avalanche 4
Game 6: Avalanche 2 Flyers 5

Stanley Cup Champion: Philadelphia Flyers
Flyers win series in 6

Disagree, want to flame me?

Well, go for it.

Also, PS, I'm appearing on the Up the Pucks! podcast with Brandon and Peter next week, on the podcast, I will justify my picks.


  1. Avs in cup finals? I like it, what makes you think they'll make a magical cup run?

  2. Good God. Your predictions stink more than the Flyers goaltending. Leafs all the way! Yeah right lol.

  3. sens in last place?? hahahahahhahahahahhahaha....wait....hahahahhahahhaha....wait I think there's more....bahahahhaha!!

    I 100% agree...your predictions do stink! Care to back it up with some explanation or you just shooting out of the collective asses of leafs trolls? oh wait, of course you are!

    - LeafsPickTylerSeguin

  4. I do have a logic behind this: Wait for the Podcsat for it. I'll link it up after it airs. But there is a purpose to how I made these picks.

  5. Wow gotta agree with the other guys. The Ottawa leafs predictions are horrible. Sens are a top 6 team in the east. And leafs fans aren't even predicting them to make the playoffs. But with bozak they must. Pretty solid THIRD line center....... Oh right a well maybe first line.