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Sunday, October 31, 2010

OFFsides 2010: The Flyers Blogger Party

First off, major stick taps and thank yous all around to the guys from Flyers Goal Scored By for putting together today's awesome event.

I only got 2 pics of the event to come out halfway decently on my phone. My Droid's camera is ultra sensitive and I'm not a pro with it yet. Anyway here they are.

DGS is on the right.

DGS on the left, the REAL Sarah Baicker
on the right.

Anyway, I would love nothing more than to do this again. Hopefully I can put some of my event planning skills to help make this event bigger and more awesome. If you were AT the OFFsides 2010 and want your pictures on DGS, email them to DownGoesSpezza and I'll get them up here.

Now onto the actual game itself. Honestly, I'm not gonna do a recap, rather I'm gonna share my story of what I saw from the seats.

I ended up at the game with a ticket that was acquired from a friend for next to no monetary cost for me. A huge get well soon to Amy who was too sick to attend the game with me.

I sat next to a very nice fan named Tom. A Flyers fan. He and I had a great hockey related conversation during the game. He showed a maturity and understanding of the game I have rarely seen. What surprised me most was that he was 16. This worries me, because quite honestly, if he can write half as well as he talks, I'm going to be out of a job once he finishes school. Anyway, I wish the kid the best of luck as he follows his dreams, he's going to go far.

Now sometime on Sunday, I'm gonna write a HUGE DGS announcement, stay tuned for it.

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