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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Boosh's Secret Diary: Entry 3

Dear Diary -

January started out with so much potential, but it's gone downhill so quickly. Opened the month by finally getting rid of Leights, who has been a pain in my ass since he got here in December 2009. No more bitching and moaning from him. Enjoy Glens Falls, buddy. And then there's Bob - couldn't stop a beach ball for a whole month. I stepped in and solidified my role as the go-to guy. I owned the Devils. Life was good.

And then it happened.

Boston - really bad third period. I mean horrible. I lost that game for us. Rangers, I was good in the beginning, but total meltdown at the end, including holy deja vu when I recreated the horror that was the Stanley Cup finals losing goal. I'm starting to think Leights has a voodoo doll of me in Glens Falls. It's a problem. Thankfully, my teammates scored enough to cover my ass. The Devils, the team I normally own, not good there either, and the team came out flat. By the way, Johan Hedberg - you're Johan Hedberg - start playing like it.

And then there was Bob. Guess what - he can stop a beach ball now - and much more. Plus there was that whole article about how he promised Lavy he wouldn't lose for a month back in October. Fans just ate that one up. Everyone is back on the Bob bandwagon. This fan base has goalie-ADD. Sigh. Good thing Lavy doesn't operate that way - I think...



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