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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Lost in Translation

Sergei Bobrovsky started the season like a man on a mission. Recently the DGS Superspies uncovered Bob's secret to do list.

From the Crease of Sergei Bobrovksy...

To Do List
1. Dominate training camp (Bob)
2. Force games to shootout (Bob)
3. Shootout not regular part of game (Bob)
4. Start beat Boosh (Bob)
5. Spoil new igloo open house (Bob)
6. Brainwash fans (Bob)
7. Steal car (Bob)
8. Build house (Bob)
9. Get in girlfriend in US
10. Mail shutout
11. Meet Santa (Bob)
12. Exterminate holey goalie (Bob)
13. Take nap (Bob)
14. Terminate old goalie
15. Говорить English

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