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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Tales from an Adirondack Nothing

My Dearest Glove...

It's been quite a week, eh? Waived...again. Cleared waivers. Gave emotional interview to the Philadelphia media one last time. Then off to Glens Falls. At least my current pads match the Phantoms uniforms. I suppose that's a positive.
Well, at least I still have you, Glove

Our first game was in Siberia - okay, so Abbotsford, British Columbia is not Siberia, but it took a whole freaking day to get here. Three hours ON A BUS to Montreal. Five hour flight to Vancouver. Then another hour on a bus to Abbotsford. Seriously, I thought I was beyond this nonsense. And did I mention all it does here is rain? I guess that's okay because it hides my ever-flowing tears.

As for the game - the team decided not to join me for the game until the third period, so I was quite busy for the first 40-plus minutes. The Heat's offense was suppose to suck, but apparently I inspired them to attack me all the time. Lucky me. They're so mean too, went right for my five-hole. They know that's my weakness. Evil. Lost in the shootout - I should probably practice those. I just stood there. I forgot I'm supposed to actually challenge the shooters. Oops.

Got to take the second game off and chill on the bench in my tuque. Backlund got the same treatment I got, just in reverse - killed in the third. At one point he went down on his knees for a good five minutes and I thought I'd have to get back on the ice. Then he saw me coming and had a miraculous recovery. Phew.

Getting back on the plane now. Instead of raining, it's snowing. Did I mention this place sucks?

Okay, back to the bag for you, people think it's weird that I'm talking to my glove.

Hugs & Tears,


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