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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Pierre McGuire's "Monster" Secret

So we all know that Pierre McGuire is a "monster" creeper. But sometimes you "gotta at least ask the question" about why he is the way he is. Anyway, recently the DGS Super Spies uncovered some of Pierre's secrets. Needless to say, we feel bad for the guy because apparently he's just a really misunderstood person.

I am NOT attempting to creep on players
Pierre McGuire's use of the word "Monster" isn't meant to be creepy. See Pierre McGuire has a massive caffeine addiction. When he say's monster, he's actually calling for a Monster Energy Drink.

The Pierre McGuire Hockey Jersey...

So yeah; Pierre is just misunderstood. His loud outbursts are just caused by the "monster" caffeine intake that he has before the game. Don't believe me. Just stop and think for a second. Pierre hit's the bottle before the game, it makes sense..(DEAR GOD LEAF'S FANS, NOT A BOTTLE or keg OF MOLSON!)

(Editor's Note: Dear Down Goes Brown, and all of Leaf's Nation, if you'd like to talk about all this to me, DGS-Cares and we're willing to help. Please feel free to ask)

The Pierre McGuire poison; this is his pre-bed dose

So Pierre McGuire has a drinking problem, with caffeine. It's also obvious that Mike Richards and Dion Phaneuf are his dealers. That's why he's always calling them monsters with big body presence. This is because when Pierre is between the glass.

Pierre's Drinks: Per Period

Luckily for all of us. Caffeine addiction is treatable. With the right care and his willingness to get off the juice and live a normal life. Maybe; just maybe Pierre's voice will drop that of a normal human being. Maybe then Pierre McGuire will be normal.

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