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Monday, January 10, 2011

Mid Season Awards: Who's gonna win what

We're now at the halfway point of the season which means we should probably hand out some sort of midseason awards. Thankfully, we're prepared to do just that.

Most Handsome Man with a Girl's Name: Obviously it's Jody Shelley

Oh ladies, you can't say 'no' tho this lovely smile

Most likely to be a Finnish Rockstar in the offseason: Kimmo Timonen

Yeah, Kimmo's cooler than you, no biggie

Most Likely to Cause an Orgasm with a deke: Claude Giroux

It's the Grilled Cheese, I swear!

Best Use of Sad Puppy Dog Eyes: Michael Leighton

Well, it's time we "waive" goodbye and start anew

The Smile of the Year Award: Draw between Daniel Carcillo and Darroll Powe

It's not like I have teeth to show...

I like Toques, and being wanted to creeping

The Most "Hip" Award: Matt Walker

(Editor's Note: Apparently no pictures of Walker in a Flyers uniform actually exist)

The Big Bird Award for the Biggest Nose: Braydon Coburn

If only I could afford a nose job, alas, I'm not Dan Ellis.
The Most Likely to do ANYTHING for a teammate Award: JvR gets head...from Mike Richards

Mike, uhh, that felt really good...

The Biggest Loser Award: Scott Hartnell.

No, there isn't gonna be a joke about losing his wife to Jeff Carter to here.

Above: Before, Below, After
See, no hair make Hartnell angry

The I Better Get An Award Or Else Award: Chris Pronger

This face scares me, it says "Beware
of Elbow" Chris Pronger is god.

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  1. The thought of a Jody Shelly/Pierre McGuire interview makes me cringe... laugh a bit... then cringe some more.