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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Tales from an Adirondack Nothing: Week 4

Yo Glove -

Just a quick update this week since I only played once. Johan got to start on Wednesday and Saturday - what's up with that? I come down here and can't even capture the starting role in the AHL? I suppose that's because they score goals for Johan, but not for me. So even though he let up seven goals in his two games, he got two wins. Me - stopped 36 of 38 and lost 2-1. Life sucks.

The Phantoms news write up for Friday said "Leighton Dazzles in Dax's Debut" - in a loss? I dazzle in a loss? Sure I was second star of the game, but what is that? It was against my former teammates, too (the Albany River Rats, now the Charlotte Checkers). They know my weaknesses. Too much practice with them. And to think, I bought those guys Panera Bread when their bus flipped over a few years back. This is the thanks I get?

And while we're on the topic of what the hell - the Phantoms new mascot - what fresh hell is that? No really, what is that? I can't even figure it out. That thing better not come anywhere near me. He does, and I'll give him the same treatment I gave Cam Ward.

The only good news of this week - I'm not the most expensive player on the Phantoms anymore. Matt Walker arrived this week. Welcome to hell, buddy.

All-Star break now. No practice during the days surrounding the game. I'm going home to Canada to see my family - wonder if they remember who I am at this point.

Hugs & Tears,


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