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Monday, January 24, 2011

Tales from an Adirondack Nothing: Week 3

January 24, 2011

DG -

Friday we played in Philadelphia. First time playing a meaningful game in the Wachovia, um, Wells Fargo Center since that whole thing with the puck and my 5-hole in the finals (wait - glove don't leave, I know it sucked, stand by me would you). Though I suppose meaningful is a stretch when discussing the AHL and you're on the worst team in the league, playing the best team in the league. No matter - the announced crowd was 18,056 and we gave them their money's worth. Stopped 38 of 40 shots - probably should have stopped all 40. It was great to be back and cheered for, especially when we're used to deafening silence now in many AHL arenas. After the game, the guys all came up to hug me; feels nice to be wanted.

Saturday I sat by myself in the designated spot for the back up at Glens Falls. No room on the bench. This sounds familiar. Just as well, they wore these hideous uniforms for some reason. Glad I was hiding mine in the stands.

Sunday. Um, I rather not discuss Sunday. Let's just say I let up five goals and glove, you clearly were asleep on my hand. It was not good.

As an aside, this road trip sucked. Glens Falls to Philly to Glens Falls to Hershey then back to Glens Falls. What genius thought that up?

Okay, it was -22 degree last night and frankly, my fingers are too numb to write anymore - just what I need, numb fingers to go with my numb foot. What fresh hell is this? Actually, it can't be hell - at least hell would be warm.

Hugs & Tears,


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