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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The Newest DGS Writer HAS BEEN FOUND!

So we've found our newest writer. She's a feisty one, 

(Editor's Note: For all his lack of dates...DGS sure has many female friends)

her words remind me of Chris Pronger's elbows mixed with Daniel Carcillo's feistiness with the poking ability of a Danny Briere Spear. In short, she's awesome.

(Editor's Note- The above are 3 of the highest compliments you can get from DGS)

Head Procrastinator/Guest Blogger: PhillyGirl1437
Age: Like I'm telling you
Home: Philadelphia (in case you couldn't tell)
Favorite Current Flyer: Someone had to want Leighton...
Favorite All-Time Flyer: Eric Desjardins - it's Rico - got to love him.
Favorite Sport that isn't hockey: Baseball - Chase Utley, you are the man.
Random Fact about PhillyGirl1437: Haven't I shared enough?

Look for posts by her.

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