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Friday, December 17, 2010

NHL Dictionary: Verbs

Something that was recently brought to my attention was the fact that I tend to use certain NHL names as verbs. As a public service to all DGS readers I figured I would compile the list here for all to see.

To Pronger: Using elbows to improve your situation or the situation of a friend.

In a sentence: I Prongered my way through the crowd to get to the front of the line.

To Timonen: to enter a situation knowing that you will come out hurt...and doing it anyway for the greater good

In a Sentence: I Timonened my way out of the mall, carrying all the stuff my mom bought, knowing that the broken back would impress the ladies.

To Giroux: To dazzle someone with something so beautiful and perfect that they have an orgasm

In a sentence: Yeah, my deke on the penalty shot totally Girouxed the puck bunnies.

To Leighton: Screw up something easy because you can't get something closed fast enough

In a sentence: I Leightoned the presentation as work because I kept on talking.

To Sundin: Be unable to make a simple decision because you're afraid of commitment

In a sentence: When I asked my girlfriend to marry me, she decided to Sundin instead of saying Yes or No

To Kaberstay: Stick around at a place even though you aren't wanted because everyone hates you.

In a sentence: Kyle Wellwood Kaberstayed around the buffet waiting for it to be refilled even though no one else was able to eat.

To Pierre-McGuire: Not shut up and only get louder as people want you to stop talking

In a Sentence: Many people in the world hate that Down Goes Spezza, Pierre-McGuire's when talking about the amazing, divine elbows of Christopher Robert Pronger.

Now you know.

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