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Saturday, December 4, 2010

Power Outage: Reasons the Flyers PP Has Dried Up

It's almost finals week so I'm kinda dead, but that being said, the DGS investigators found us some reasons why the Flyers Powerplay has been powered down.

  • When told to mimic dynamic scorers and smooth skaters, they chose Ilya Kovalchuk and Phil Kessell

  • It was eaten by Kyle Wellwood

  • Forwards are too afraid to screen the goalie because of the "Avery Rule"

  • Started feeling bad for embarrassing teams with so many games where they score more than 5 as a team.
  • Misunderstood Power Play strategy for "Joe Thornton Playoff Strategy"
  • Wanted to be just like me in NHL 11 on the PP. (No seriously, it's sad)
  • Didn't realize that scoring while up a man is NOT an example of poor sportsmanship
  • Sent the PP skill in search of Paul Ranger
  • Maybe missing a certain forward who found a new home in Tampa...just sayin

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