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Saturday, April 16, 2011

DGS Guest Post: "The Awesome Jason "Giggles" Spezza

(Editor's Note: This post is brought to you by the lovely SensDew19 who attempted to go out and defend Jason Spezza. She's a huge friend of the blog and is great to follow for Senators news. Anyway, a huge thank you to her for writing this. Hope you guys enjoy. Again, these views are the views of Dew, not of DGS.)

You’ve all seen the goals, you’ve seen the passes (hopefully forgotten the failed drop passes) and most importantly you’ve all heard those amazing giggles. You’ve seen him get bullied by media and fans for being too relaxed. You’ve seen his own GM ignore the concept of secrecy in their end of season meeting. You’ve read the trade rumours year after year after year. But there’s only one Jason Spezza and he is NOT going anywhere anytime soon.

If you’re reading this, I’m assuming you’re a huge DownGoesSpezza fan which means you have not yet experienced the meaning of a Jason Spezza fan. Hellp everyone, my name is SensDew19 and I am a Jason Spezza addict. Let me take you through a ride that you will not soon forget and hopefully convert you into what I have become.

Jason Spezza has always been so awesome, even as a baby he was awesome they picked him from hundreds of 1-year olds to model for a broadway show and afterall who wouldn’t pick such a gorgeous kid as their poster boy? Really now! Even you Spezza haters will agree, this kid is just so lovable! Did you know it took his Mom close to 2 hours to stop him from giggling at everything at the photo-shoot for minute maid? Did you also know that while I just made up the previous statement, it probably is true anyways?

Even at this young age, Spezza dropped things
so opponents just be sprung on breakaways

The modelling career ended at a young age because Jason Spezza is so awesome he realized he needed to do something that’s at his same level of epicness; enter hockey. Yes, he chose to play the most amazing game on earth. He then got drafted to the most amazing team in the NHL, and no that would not be the Philadephia Flyers because you are not that awesome and you drafted Jeff Woywitka. If you don’t know who that is, too bad cause neither do I. Moving on, ever since then the Ottawa Senators were forever changed. They were showered with giggles, amazing passes and turnovers from the most elite kind. They found someone to pinpoint all their problems on him, did you know that the entire global warming problem started because of Jason Spezza? With Ottawa media, accusations like that were not far. Year after year, he took the abuse and year after year he dealt with it with the only way he knows how:


Being a Jason Spezza fan isn’t easy, actually it could be the hardest hockey fan job ever, after being a Maple Laffs fan of course cause that’s just torture, but I wouldn’t want to be any other kind of fan. When speaking of Jason Spezza the following comes up: do you remember that stupid drop pass that cost us a goal? Do you remember how he sucked defensively a couple years back (cause obviously if you’re never given the chance to develop your defensive game, it’ll just magically appear)? Do you remember how he didn’t win the Stanley Cup? Do you remember how he played on the fourth line on Team Canada (yes Jonathan Toews was his linemate but it was the FOURTH LINE! OMG!)? They’ll tell you remember when Patrick Sharp started the DOWN GOES SPEZZA?! ;) See, when people ask me about Jason Spezz, that’s what I tell them. He is the guy that always has a smile on his face no matter what he’s gone through and what has been said about him. He is the guy that made Andrew Alberts and Sami Salo look like potted plants on the ice.

He’s the guy who took the hit for trade rumours year after year with stride and maintained his loyalty to this team even after the fans, media and occasionally management didn’t reciprocate that respect. He is the guy that had his wedding open to the entire world to witness and talk about, he made Ottawa part of his wedding! I remember the time when Jason Spezza knowing he is not even remotely close to the level of Dion Phaneuf’s fighting abilities, dropped the gloves to show him he won’t take it when he messes with his teammates (too bad that teammate turned out to be a complete jerk).

Lastly, when asked about Jason Spezza I tell people that he is the reason I fell in love with this team and game. He is the guy that cheers me up after a bad day and he is the guy that is far from perfect but I wouldn’t want him any other way. Sens fans, Flyers fans and hockey fans from around the league take a moment to appreciate the magic that is Jason Spezza!!

Disclaimer: This post does not do enough justice to what Jason Spezza is, for further proof of Spezza epicness please visit the following videos: (HEY, I was at that game) (HEY, I was at that game too! Check out the pass and Spezza reaction)

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