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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Tales from a Philadelphia Press Box: Do Over Anyone?

My Darling Glove -

Well - we cleared waivers. That's right, I'm back in orange and black - okay, I was always in orange and black, I've just ditched the purple. I'm officially back on the Flyers' roster. Granted, I'm a third goalie again - just here for depth, but it still feels good. I'm joining the team in Buffalo tomorrow. I heard it snowed there today - it will be like I never left Glens Falls.

Right away, Lavy deemed Bob the starter for Friday (a whole two days in advance, really?) - and then said Bob and Boosh were the guys for the playoffs. Yeah, I get it. Don't want to deal with me. Tough luck, I'm here anyway. Maybe something will go my way, maybe it won't - but for now, I'm going to enjoy living in a city again. The Phantoms season was pretty much over anyway.

Of course, if they wanted to see if they could get a shutout in their last two games, they might be better served putting me in between the pipes...just saying. And of course, against the Islanders, I'd like to see DiPietro try to fight me - come on down buddy, I'll break the other side of your face. No problem.

Anyway, I'm just happy to be here. I mean nothing could taint this moment for me, it's just so wonderful to be in the NHL aga- oh crap, I have to start paying escrow again. #DanEllisProblems.

Hugs and a Slightly Lighter Wallet,


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