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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Tales from an Adirondack Nothing: The Waiting Is the Hardest Part

Well Glove -

My times has come. I got the call up today. I officially went on re-entry waivers at noon today. Now it's going to be a long 24-hours. See, who knows where I'm going to be in 24 hours. If I clear, I go to the Flyers and I'm back on the roster. I even hear they are interested in my starting against Buffalo on Friday. How awesome would that be? Maybe I could finally get them a shutout - 'cause you know, I have five in 29 games and Boosh and Bob have none in 79 games.

Of course, I might not clear. I could be claimed. If I'm claimed, then I can't play this season for the claiming team. They're claiming me for next year - or to screw the Flyers over. I'm a little scared that Ottawa will take me - just what I need, to be stuck behind Craig Anderson again. For joy of joys.

So while we wait, let's recap my love/hate relationship with the waiver wire:

1. 2005: Waived by Hawks 'cause I was the third goalie, coach hated me - I cleared, but then got traded to Buffalo.
2. 2006: Anaheim waived me to send me to the AHL as the depth goalie. I cleared.
3. 2006: Anaheim put me on re-entry waivers when both their roster goalies were injured, but Nashville claimed me.
4. 2007: After 20 minutes with Nashville, I got waived again and claimed by the Flyers.
5. 2007: The Flyers traded for Marty Biron, so I got waived and claimed by Montreal.
6. 2009: Carolina waived me in favor of Manny Legace. No one claimed me.
7. 2009: Carolina tried to help me out by putting me on re-entry waivers in hopes that someone would take me at half price - and the Flyers did. You know the rest of that year.
8. 2011: The Flyers waived me after I returned from back surgery. I cleared and reported to the Phantoms. Been kicking ass and taking names ever since.
9. 2011: Currently sitting on re-entry waivers hoping no one takes me and ends my season.

So there you have it. My stomach will be in knots for the next 24 hours. For joy. I'll try to write about week 13 while I wait. We'll see what happens.

By the way - they told me during the team photo - awkward!

Hugs and Chewed Fingernails,


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