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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Hartnell Down and Versteeg Down: Round 1 Update

To end Round 1, Hartnell Down had a count of 48 and Versteeg Down had a count of 26.

Hartnell Down 48 by the numbers

  • Shares a jersey number with linemate Danny Briere
  • Height, in inches, of Nathan Gerbe
  • Waist measurement of Kyle Wellwood
  • Amount of years the NHL would have to control the Phoenix Coyotes before Bettman would ever consider moving them back to Winnipeg
  • Times, per minute, Pierre McGuire says something about his love of Mike Richards during a TSN/NBC broadcast of a Flyers game.
  • Elbows, per period, thrown by Pronger on unsuspecting opposing forwards
  • Cigarettes smoked by Carey Price during an average intermission
  • Shots high and wide by Jeff Carter during an average shift
  • The age Teemu Selanne will be when his point total and age are the same

Versteeg Down 26 by numbers

  • Shares a number with teammate Danny Syvret, Offensive Dynamo
  • Heart attacks DGS has per game started by Sergei Bobrovsky where Bob tries to handle the puck
  • Times Andrej Meszaros blasts that big slapshot wide per game on the PP
  • Dirty hits, per period, of this postseason so far
  • Times, per minute, Jack Edwards has accused the Habs of diving during Game 7 of Habs/Bruins
  • Times, per period, someone accuses the Flyers of needing better goaltending
  • Times, per game, I see the Ovechtrick commercial on Versus
  • The amount of cents Patrick Kane probably needs to pay his cabbie
  • The amount of shots Partick Kane drinks during an average game
  • Saves Brian Boucher made during game 7 to send the Flyers to round 2...Ryan Miller then accused Brian Boucher of committing genocide
  • Difference in height, measured in centimeters, between Kris Versteeg and Tyler Myers
  • Times Jonathan Toews has his lifetime

There, now you know.

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