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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Things Steve Yzerman Also Wants This Offseason

Recently Steve Yzerman said that he would ask all Lightning players to wear visors starting next season. What most people don't know is that Yzerman also had another list of demands that he made of us players. Now, because Don't Trade Vinny has been out of it recently, I took it upon myself to send the DGS-SuperSpies to find out what else was on that list. Luckily, they obtained me a copy of the list which I will now share with each of you.

  • That Marty St. Louis grow to an appropriate an NHL height of 4 feet tall.
  • That the media ignore any all relevant Lightning stories and replace them with possible trade rumors involving Vincent Lecavalier to the Montreal Canadiens
  • Acquiring Chris Pronger and Sergei Bobrovsky from the Flyers for Mike Smith
  • That the Montreal Canadiens trade Carey Price to the Lightning for Dan Ellis's remaining problems in Tampa.
  • That the media actually talk about how the Tampa Bay Lightning are an NHL team and not some figment of your imagination.
  • Tampa becomes Detroit-south by changing their uniforms to red and white and putting a winged wheel on the center crest.
  • Someone offers a 2nd round pick for Dominic Moore
  • A defense
  • A goalie who's younger than his head coach

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