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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Hartnell Down or Versteeg Down

So as we all all know, Kris Versteeg thinks he falls more than Scott Hartnell.

This probably means that I should track Versteeg Down, so of course, I am. I'll watch the games as they happen and when Versteeg falls or Hartnell falls, one will be added to their counter. Then to make sure it's fair, I'll divide each number out to set up the Falls Per 60 minutes played ratio so we can see, who really falls more.

Were taking "Betts" now?

Who will fall more, Hartnell or Versteeg?

Who will fall more per 60 minutes, Hartnell or Versteeg?

Leave your predictions in the comment section.


  1. birddog: some of his falls can actually be attributed to charging to the net with the puck. you know, actual hockey.

  2. Is this tracking just falls where there was no real reason, like losing an edge? What if he gets knocked on his a** near the net? Hockey is full of falling, often legitimately, as drozz points out. I want to know the criteria :-)

    Oh, and Hartnell will lead both categories.

  3. versteeg was a freaking disgrace last night.

  4. Yes, Versteeg was so bad in fact that that he wasn't on the ice when Buffalo scored.

    So bad in fact, that he was solid defensively.

    Scoring does not make a player, Drozz...all around ability, Versteeg is Nodl, but better in every way.