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Saturday, April 30, 2011

The Pronger Prayer

Thy Holy Leader:
Christopher Robert Pronger
As we all know, I find myself frequently attending the Cult Religion of the Most Snarky Holy Lord of Elbows, Christopher Robert Pronger. Well, in what I hope because a series, Lord Pronger has taught us how to properly pray.

(Editor's Note: OK, seriously now, we're not trying to offend anyone who is religious. It's a joke, this is a comedy blog. If you haven't figured this out yet, you're probably a Mets (well shit, can't use that joke now...) Washington Nationals fan. Or someone who thinks Mike Milbury is intelligent, in which case, there's no hope for you anyway.)

Our Pronger

Our Pronger, who throws the Elbows
Hollowed be their brains
The Elbows come
The slapshots zoom
On the PP as on even Strength
Give us today, our daily snark
And forgive us for stealing pucks
As they forgive you for stealing pucks against them
And lead us not to the golf course
But deliver us to Stanley Cups

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