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Monday, April 25, 2011

Missing: The Flyers Power Play Unit

The Down Goes Spezza Super Spies have been busy recently. You know, doing stuff. In this case, they uncovered a list of things the Flyers are up to instead of scoring on the power play.

  • Talking about things like complex physics and atomic level chemistry

  • #Winning with Charlie Sheen
  • Making a get well card for injured defenseman like Chris Pronger, Oskars Bartulis, and Nick Boynton
  • Wondering why it's so hard to score on goalies since the team only gets to practice on Michael Leighton, Brian Boucher, Sergei Bobrovsky and Johan Backlund.
  • Debating DOOP and Bro Hymn
  • Missing Steve Whyno
  • Answering questions from DamoPunk
  • Trying to find a goalie
  • Perfecting a Criss Angel like disappearing act
  • Doing their best "Playoff Joe Thornton" impression.
  • Not being classless by scoring when up a man.

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