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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Tales from an Adirondack Nothing: The End of the Line

This one isn't a humor post, but rather an open letter to Michael Leighton.

This post from Anthony San Fillipo got us thinking.

(Editor's Note: This means the end of the line for the Leighton diary. We're not gonna kick someone when they're down like this. If Leighton gets himself together and things look up, we'll consider restarting the feature.)

Hopefully not the end...

Dear Leights,

Thank you for everything. I know the city of Philadelphia can be hard on anyone. I also know that you're really hard on yourself to perform. Last year, you saved the Flyers season. You're 3 SOs against the Habs in the Eastern Conference Finals guarantee that you will spend time in the record books as Bernie Parent's equal. That's something to be proud of. You will be forever known as the guy who brought the Flyers within 2 wins of a Cup win in 2010. You're a great guy, and for the wins we will be thankful.

It seems though that you've developed some problems both emotionally and physically. For that, I wish you the best of luck in recovering. Michael Leighton, please get well soon. I hope to see you in the NHL again someday.

Forever thankful for what you gave us,

PS: You'll still have a place in Philly Girl's heart, that's a guarantee.

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