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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Flyers Summer Tweetup and Fun

So as I tweeted out last night, I was wondering who'd be interested in some sort of summer get together of Flyers fans in July or August. Anyway, there were a lot of good responses. Basically, the 2 most common ideas were going to a Phillies game (where DGS would pull a Mike Richards and wear a Yankees hat) or playing some hockey (where DGS would probably still a pull a Mike Richards and wear a Yankees hat).

I think, why not both?

The reason I want to do this, is because there's a decent chance I could be taking a job (relax, it won't stop the blogging) in Florida. Since Florida means I won't be able to see the Flyers live regularly, I'd love to get one more chance to hang out with you guys before everything. (Hell, if I stay in Philly, I still want to hang out).

Right now, the game I'm looking at is July 23, against the San Diego Padres. (it fits my schedule between now and then).

Anyway, if you're interested in coming just send me an email:


  1. ha thats the day after i graduate from boot camp. won't be able to come home though so count me out

  2. 1.) Boot camp is great, just a giant mind game, you'll do awesome...that and my deployment were my favorite times in the military...
    2.) Get comcast NHL sports package....i do that, so no matter where i'm based, i can watch every flyers game!

  3. oh dont worry about that. im not missing any games while im gone. with the exception of the playoffs after the 2nd round. i leave 4 days after game 7 is scheduled