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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Tales from an Adirondack Nothing: Lucky #13

Hell Yes Glove -

Who the hell cares what happened last week - I'm on re-entry waivers! It's about time. Okay, okay. I'm going to go crazy if I just sit around trying to imagine what's going to happen in 24 hours. Will I still be a Flyer? If not, who's going to claim me? And if I do get claimed, how am I entertaining myself for the off-season that is starting a week early.

So, might as well recap my 13th and final week in the AHL - at least I'm going out on top.

Started the week on the bench while Johan took on the Albany Devils. That did not go so well. He let up six goals (though they weren't all his fault) and we lost 6-2. Not a good way to open the week.

Friday was April Fools Day - such a fun day - not. A site in Philly posted a nice joke about my changing glove hands to try to get back into the NHL. Yeah, like I would ever replace you with a glove for another hand. Worse, people actually believed them. Society has lost its damn mind. We get the last laugh though, you and me glove - we're heading back to the big time - together.

Friday we also took on the Devils again - kind of a shooting gallery. The team exploded for nine goals - I let up five. Of course, in fairness to me, one was a penalty shot and one Jancevski shot right at me. I wasn't ready for my own defense to shoot on me. D'on. We won, so I guess that's all that matters. Certainly wasn't a night for goalies.

Saturday was much better. Played the Crunch - a team we pretty much dominate. Shut them out. That's right - shut out #4 on the season and #33 in my AHL career. Needless to say, I was the first star of the game. I just keep racking them up. After the game, they auctioned the jerseys off our backs. Mine went for $1,000 - can you believe it? Who wants that? Feels nice though.

On Monday, we played the Rochester Americans. The boys exploded for another six goals, including a hat trick for my roomie, Hamel. As for me, you know, just another shutout. Number five on the season, 34 all-time. Not a bad way to go out if you ask me. And as always, many thanks to the fans in Glen Falls. They welcomed me with open arms and cheered for me day in and day out. They've been great and I'm glad I could give them a shutout and a win in my farewell game.

Okay, back to wondering what tomorrow will bring. So for now - here's to the night. I'm going to celebrate. Come tomorrow, I'm back in the NHL.

Hugs and Nervous Smiles,


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